Elisabeth studied art and history in Paris and when she moved to the United States she started designing jewelry. When she travels around the world, she finds beautiful, antique, vintage or ethnic brooches and pendants that will become the focal pieces of her unique necklaces. She sometimes keeps those incredible finds for years before finding the right stones to compliment them. She works with fancy semi-precious stones and precious metals.

For her, a necklace is like a painting, colors and textures have to flow and blend together. And like paintings, she signs all her necklaces and bracelets with her unique tag.

She has been participating in artist’s open studios and art shows since 2003.



Tango Dancers

Dante sculptures combines ancient and modern rituals, extracting archetypes and stylized motifs. She pays homage to the many facets of the human spirit, characterized by warmth, humor and sometimes political commentary.” Much of her sculpture explores the dynamics between round organic forms and hard rigid angles.  By exaggerating this interplay, her work creates a sense of tension which is both lively and sensual.

Dante has exhibited in numerous shows in the United States and Italy. She has been showcased exhibits such as “Art on the Rock at Alcatraz”, and “The Day of the Dead” Exhibition at The Museum of Mexican Art.  In 1990, she received the prestigious Art of Peace Award from the Artist Embassy International for her sculpture “Woman’s Liberation”, which was chosen by the Oakland Art Commission as a gift to Nelson Mandela and the people of South Africa.


Paul Graf has a degree from CCAC, and is currently a member of the Sculpture Faculty at the Academy of Art University in SF, as well as a yearly guest instructor at the Mendocino Art Center.

These “sculptural drawings” reflect his approach to the interface between 2 & 3 dimensional art, & the raised textures that are the graphic results. In different lightings and viewed from different angles, many aspects of the image come forward or recede as you move about. Rhythmic forms with subtle shifting are used to create atmospheres, or small worlds in their own right.

  • Lawanda Ultan – Paintings & Monotypes
  • Karl Riechley – Paintings
  • Elizabeth Dante – Sculptures
  • Paul Graf – Bas Reliefs
  • Elisabeth Michel-Meyrueix – Jewelry
  • Deborah Wachs – Jewelry & Glassware
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